OEUK HSE Conference ¦ 28 and 29 June 2022

OEUK HSE Conference ¦ 28 and 29 June 2022

It’s an exciting year for Offshore Energies UK, relaunched in February 2022 to represent an integrating offshore energy industry which safely provides cleaner fuel, power and products to everyone in the UK.

Working together with our members, we are a driving force supporting the UK to meet its energy security and net zero ambitions. Our innovative companies, people and communities add value to the UK economy.

As your member body, we are the go-to place for integrating offshore energy. We engage, inform and proudly champion this sector which is at the heart of the energy transition.

At this conference we are taking inspiration from the wider OEUK scope, and will bring together people from across the industry to share experience, highlight innovation and explore the key question: what energises you about HSE today?

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