Elevate your environmental management with NEMS,
the leaders in Environmental Management Software. Specializing in providing best-in-class off the shelf environmental reporting and ESG reporting solutions to the oil and gas industry. Created in partnership with leading oil & gas operators in the North Sea. With over 30 years of domain experience, NEMS empowers you to take control of your sustainability journey.

Tailored for the Oil and Gas sector, our comprehensive suite ensures reporting excellence, leveraging direct integration as a service with PDMS and HCA solutions to ensure full control from emissions point to final report. Our systems cover all environmental streams including GHG (Scope 1, 2 and 3), Water and Waste. Ensuring fully transparent and auditable data from a single source of truth. Direct integration with EEMS ensures easy national reporting for UK and customizable reporting provides opportunity to report on any ESG standard you wish, including ESRS, GRI, IPIECA, OGMP or any other. Our Environmental Management Suite offers unified solutions for seamless integration
ensuring collaborative, industry-focused sustainability. Simplify your net-zero journey effortlessly with our powerful sustainability tools.

NEMS enables a smooth transition to net-zero emissions, making sustainability a key component of your business strategy